Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Up

Since my last post, I've talked with the doctor's office and the insurance company.

We have an appointment on 09/09/09 @ 09:00 with a genetics counselor in Greenville. Today I spoke with my regular doctor and he's already being proactive to make sure everything goes smoothly from here on out. He wants to coordinate things with the other doctors to make sure nothing is overlooked from any standpoint. I was really touched that he called me today. I'm not on schedule or anything for him so it was out of his own concern that he called.

I'm excited and nervous but ready to find out what we have to do next. Thankfully, I'll be off work next week to get things done around the house and to make sure I'm on time for both appointments. I have a follow up lab on the 10th.

Please keep us in your prayers and we'll do the same!

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