Sunday, August 23, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ok ... So I've done a lot of thinking and even more crying since the phone call Friday afternoon. Hence the reason I decided to start this blog. Kris and I are about to start a long journey and I want to share it with our family and friends.

We've told most everyone, but I've been thru 2 miscarriages since January. With the last one the doctor suggested we have some genetic testing done. They said there was only a 3-4% chance of something being wrong but wanted to make sure. So we had to wait weeks for the test and then 3 more for the results. That brings us to the phone call I received Friday afternoon. I was just pulling in the driveway when my phone rang. I knew it was the dr's office but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Dr. Livingston (the geneticist) was on the phone and asked if I had a few minutes. He then told me that I have a chromosomal translocation. That everything worked fine for me because all of my DNA information was there, but it was switched around in a few places. He then proceeded to tell me that Kris and I need to meet with a Genetics Counselor to discuss options for ever having a baby. Right then, my world as I knew it fell apart.

My dreams have been ripped apart. Our dream of having a baby sooner, rather than later, is shattered. Basically we'll have to undergo IVF with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. So when we can save about 20k we can start trying to have a baby.

I am going to revamp my budget and try to see when I can start saving even more. Which I had somewhat done because of Kris's new job, but it's time to pull out all the stops. I'm cancelling our vacation to Jamaica in January and cutting out all the extras. I have a call in to our insurance company but I have a feeling that nothing will be covered.

So, this weekend was supposed to be a good one. Kris sold 5 cars last week and did really well. But instead, I've been down and crying at the drop of a hat. So I guess that's it for today, but I'll keep posting as we continue our journey which will hopefully end with a baby one day.

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  1. I'm sure when you look back at these posts you see how God was there all the time. And it hit me how amazing your faith must have been even when you might have felt it was weak--you started a faith blog focused on the family you knew you'd be having even though you were told it wouldn't be easy. :)