Thursday, October 21, 2010

33 weeks ... Time is FLYING by!

I absolutely can NOT believe the title of this post. 33 weeks! Where has this pregnancy gone?

I celebrated my 28th birthday on October 6. The day before we had a doctor's appointment with an ultrasound! Best b-day present ever (except what Kris got me)! Every time I get to see our baby, I get the most amazing feeling in the world.

Then this past Saturday, my mom treated us to a 3D ultrasound. I'm so glad she was able to go with us. It really was an amazing time! Our little JB didn't want to cooperate for the first little while. He/She decided to keep at least one hand in front of their face. Since we drove almost 2 hours to get there, the tech decided to keep going and give us some extra time so we wouldn't have to drive back for a rescan on another day. Good thing, cause I think we almost missed the window for a good scan anyways, and that's without waiting another week.

JB's (Jollybean's) room is pretty much done. The floors have been done for a couple months. My dad and a friend of our's finished the baseboards and shoemolding. Then a couple weeks ago, I decided on a day off that I wanted to go ahead and caulk the baseboards. We finally got the crib replacements pieces in and all put together. Furniture is in place so all we have to do is find bedding we like. And that will probably be after JB arrives, since we can't find anything neutral.

I have spent the last few weeks washing clothes, towels and washcloths for the baby. We have 3 drawers ready to go for when JB makes his/her arrival. At the appointment on the 5th, the ultrasound and exam all looked good. However, on the 14th I ended up going to L&D after talking to a nurse and my doctor. I was fine when I woke up and got ready for work but on the hour drive I starting having a few contractions and sharp pain. I called Kris and he left the dealership and was there before me. They put me on the monitor as soon as we got checked in. The baby was doing great and I only had a one measurable contraction. So after a couple hours, the dr checked me out and let me go home. So from the 5th to the 14th I went from normal to between a fingertip and 1cm dilated. And it was then that Dr. D said we will probably have a Thanksgiving baby. And while I know the important thing is for JB to be healthy, I'd love him/her to come the week before or the week after Thanksgiving.

I forgot to mention what Kris gave me for my birthday. It's actually my birthday and anniversary gift combined. The week before my birthday, Kris took my mom out to every furniture store in my hometown to go shopping. My mom said Kris sat in probably 100+ chairs. So he ended up ordering a custom upholstered rocking arm chair for me. It's totally fluffy, soft and cozy! I can't wait to rock our baby in it!

Things are finally coming together! I've spent today cooking some of our favorite meals to freeze. So our house smells totally yummy and I've enjoyed my day off. I not only deserved a good day but I have really enjoyed it. So back to work tomorrow and then I'm photographing a wedding saturday. I've got to be crazy! Lead shooting a wedding at 33 weeks pregnant... Yep, I've lost it. But after that, it's only small projects I'm sure I can handle until I go into labor.

I do believe that labor and JB's arrival are within weeks! I'm totally excited!

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  1. Aww, that gift your hubby got sounds perfect. My dh and I have trouble finding things for each other. It's really, really hard for Dh because I manage all the finances. If I didn't, we'd be losing money each month. So, it's hard for him to go out and surprise me without it being last minute.

    I can't believe you're already dilated. During my stint in L&D, I wasn't at all. I just failed the fFN test. Are you using IV as much now btw?