Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost 23 weeks ...and trying to figure things out?

Tomorrow I will be 23 weeks! Where has this pregnancy gone? I seriously cannot begin to figure this out. It's like a mystery that no matter how hard I try to enjoy every day, it keeps slipping away.

Tonight I enjoyed at least an hour "chat" with a friend of mine. She's about 5 weeks behind me and we both know how scary this is. Just talking to someone who understands how I feel. I feel pregnant but I'm so scared that it's going to be taken away from me any second. 24 weeks is a milestone of viability. It's around the corner but what if something happens between now and then.

I'm excited that I have a dr's appt next week. I wish I could have another ultrasound though. It's tough not seeing your little one often enough. It's been 5 weeks since our last one. If my doctor doesn't order one at my appointment we will likely go for a 3d ultrasound in the next month or so. It's killing me.

Also, Kris and I decided that we wouldn't find out the gender. Mostly because he didn't want to know. But now, I'm thinking that I want to know. Shopping has been fun but somewhat challenging. It's definitely harder to find neutral outfits than one for specific genders. We'll probably wait to buy the bedding until Jollybean arrives. It's going to be interesting trying to do some buying, especially if I find out the gender and can't tell Kris. Hmmmm... what ever do I do?


  1. It is hard to not know! I think I won't want to know, but maybe I will once I actually get preggo.

  2. I think it would be so hard on you if you knew gender but couldn't share with your hubby. Well, it would be hard for me. It was bad enough when we knew gender a week before telling family. My mom kept trying to trick me into saying his or hers etc.

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