Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IF and too much to do

I'm gonna try to be better about posting. It just always seems that I try not to think about things so much.

But in the midst of this storm, there's a lighthouse on the shore. We're approaching 16 months of TTC. I mentioned all the hoops we're having to go through to get to destination baby. Some of those hoops will be in the past in about a month. Our tax return was better than we expected and we'll hopefully be able to proceed with IVF in October. We could possibly do it before then, but I'm hoping for October! It's a wonderful month; my birthday, our anniversary and just a great month all around.

I have set some goals and intend to complete them all before IVF. The major one is weight loss and to improve our lifestyle. We need to be healthier, but especially me since I'll be the one carrying our little miracle (or two!) Decrease our clutter is another huge thing. How do 2 people accumulate so much stuff. Really, just stuff. We're donating most of it to local charities and safe houses for women.

Kris is doing so well at his new job. Well, not so new anymore. It's great to see him succeed! Not just because he's my husband, but because he was suppressed for so long in the golf business. When he does a good job, he hears it. That goes a long way. He's happier and we can spend Sundays together. It makes a huge difference in our relationship as well. We're both happier.

All is well on our journey for now!

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