Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1 Month and Counting

I feel like a horrible Mom. I'm sitting here in tears and trying to get all this out while Palmer is crying in his crib. Only because after 2 hours of straight crying my nerves can't take it anymore. I totally just flipped on the dog because I can't take it anymore. And not to mention the dog has been horrible the last couple weeks.

Palmer was 6 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe it. Last Thursday night we were having tummy time when he rolled over. There's only been one day since that he wouldn't do it again. It's totally amazing to watch how he progresses from day to day. To think a year ago he wasn't even in the making yet and here I am with my miracle in my arms.

We went for his 1 month checkup almost 2 weeks ago now. He was up to 10 pounds 9 ounces and 21.5" long. He's growing so fast. Next month we get shots. Not my favorite part but I have to get used to it since I'll be the one taking him to most of his appointments. And we're changing doctors and the next appointment as well. At his last appointment the FNP we saw (who we have seen every single time since birth and was great until now) rushed in and out so quickly that I was in the middle of asking a question and didn't even ask the full question when she turned to me and said it's normal and walked out the door. I was NOT happy. Luckily next appointment is with the doctor who owns the pratice and who was my pediatrician when I was a teen. We saw him one day in the hospital. He took his time and explained EVERYthing!

He looks more and more growny everyday. He's definitely not the baby we brought home a little over a month ago. After bath time the other day his hair was sticking up in the middle, so we just went with it. This was the day we went to see my family while Grandma was in the hospital. Palmer and I didn't go to the hospital; Want to keep us germ free for as long as possible. But we did talk to her on the phone and sent pictures to her. Thank goodness for MMS!

So much happens from day to day, I need to be better about writing it all down. I don't want his first year to slip away like my entire pregnancy did.

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