Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are we there yet?

Today is December 1st and I can not believe JB is not here. Dr D said he thought the baby would be here by Thanksgiving. Then a friend told me that as soon as the doctor says you'll go early, the baby is gonna wait.

I feel great! This past Sunday we had maternity portraits done and I'm so glad that JB held off long enough to do them. It was important to me to get them done. This may or may not be our last but I haven't been great about taking belly shots or other pictures so I really wanted them done. Kris isn't big on pictures but all the pictures we have are from our wedding! (4 year ago!!!)

I've had some stress from work the last few days and today I think it got the best of me. But I'm trusting God will provide like He always has! We have never gone without and I know that we're going to be taken care of. Today however, was extremely stressful and I think it's taking a toll on me. But I have a wonderful husband who brought me the only I wanted and has agreed to a backrub later. I'm so blessed!

Just hoping delivery isn't too far away and everything goes ok. Check out a couple of my maternity pictures below! I heart them!

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  1. Oh Laura, look at you and that beautiful belly!! I forgot you were due soon. I'll add you to my prayers that everything goes well.